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Pheasyque is where Art meets Science with the goal of breaking down complex Fitness concepts into easy-to-digest informations, explained via hand-made drawings put together in fun-to-read infographics on Strength Training & Nutrition. Welcome to the place where Bodybuilding and Fitness science finally make sense.


The name “Pheasyque” is a play of words that uses the terms “physique” and “easy”, to convey its meaning: making the science of Training and Nutrition accessible for everyone, regardless of background.

It’s people’s favorite fitness page.

With over 700k fans following Pheasyque on Instagram, it has become one of the most trusted Fitness sources on Social Media. And we don’t take that for granted. In fact, that motivates us to improve our content, with better illustrations and continuous research!


Our story

Pheasyque was started by Bodybuilding Nerd, Eugen Loki back in 2017... but only as a passion project on Instagram...

“As someone who’s always enjoyed drawing, watching anime, and lifting weights, it felt natural for me to mix my biggest passions with the goal of educating on various fitness concepts and topics, through what I thought would be easy-to-digest infographics."

I literally started drawing my first illustrations on my phone for fun, without thinking that with time they would turn out to become “my full time job”. Today, after years of hard work (still going, by the way) Pheasyque has evolved to become a team-project, and it prides itself with the most aesthetically pleasing, evidence-based posts on all things Fitness.

What about Pink Guy?

Credits should be given where due. The Pheasyque Brand wouldn’t be the same without “Pink Guy”, the humanoid character who’s been on our side since the beginning. Yes, I’m talking about the pink, naked, face-less, ear-less, eye-less dude with a creepy smile that has been accompanying our posts as a protagonist for the past 5+ years. The reason why I decided to create a simple character like this is so that people could resonate with it, but not too too much.

A cool fact about Pink Guy is that by now, it’s pretty much become a Fitness icon, recognized on all IG Pages that share my work without consent. Honestly, that couldn’t make me feel anymore proud! I think that’s so cool!” - Eugen


Online Coaching is a craft that is perfected through years of experience, knowledge, and passion for helping people. Working directly 1-on-1 with your coach gives you the possibility to learn how to think critically and improve your Fitness Knowledge exponentially, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced lifter.

Weekly 1 on 1 calls + Q&As with your Coach
A tailored Training Plan built for your own goals
Comprehensive nutritional guidance

The Training Programs + eBooks section is for people who are looking for self-coaching resources and materials. Here, you can find the best plans and eBooks to maximize strength and hypertrophy results, as everything is crafted based on the most recent evidence based guidelines.

Purchase training materials that work
Learn how to apply the acquired knowledge
Make Progress. That’s what matters.

About your coach

Founder/coach Eugen Loki has been working as a personal trainer since 2015....

I officially started my fitness journey back in 2013, at the age of 18-19, when I bought my first gym membership and started training with weights. My first goal was to simply lose fat and “have abs”, but little did I know that Bodybuilding would soon turn out to become my biggest passion...


My expertises include Strength, Hypertrophy, and maximizing Body Recomposition through the right combination of resistance training and the most optimal dietary approaches based on individual circumstances. I love teaching people to get stronger, and become more confident as a result, but also to see everyone make progress, and “grow” over time!

I truly believe in empowering people’s knowledge via simplifying science, in a way that makes sense for everyone. That’s important to me as a coach, as I believe that everyone is capable of making their best body transformation as long as the fundamentals of strength training and nutrition are understood. I want to simplify science for everyone who wants to learn, and I think I’ve done a pretty good job at it until now.

If you’re ready to take your fitness goals to the next level and work with me, or you want to support Pheasyque in other ways, you can do so by taking a look at the different services we offer here.- Eugen, CPT, Pn1.

Merch that’s cool as hell

Our passion for art shows in many different forms, and one of them is definitely Merchandising. Browse through the sickest lifting gear, and support our work by clicking the link below!



The next evolution of fitness geek-ery is coming.

If we can make education feel like a game, then it will never be boring to keep learning. That’s the goal with the Pheasyque LAB in the long term, as we feel it’s the natural extension of what we’ve created with the Pheasyque project over the past few years. More infos will be shared in the future. In the mean time, you can enjoy playing around with our 3D model of Pink Guy, to take photos and share them on your favorite Social Media!

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Based on science, taught through art.

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